Marriage is a beautiful bonding between two people. The said bonding often goes through various stages and phases that change the meaning of love between the two people bonded in marriage.

The most common stages evolved in the relationship of marriage are love stage, reality stage, parenting stage, and transformation stage.

Love stage also known as the honeymoon stage is a phase of married life that caters to lot of excitement and romance in a relationship. Differences between two people are of least considerations and the two just focus on their newly tied relationship. In this phase they just discover each other sharing their life with love and concern. Stages of Marriage

Then is the stage of reality where all love is lost in air and the couples have to face the true life in front of them. This stage includes all the real life challenges in terms of adjustments within the family, accommodating with each other, managing household work, taking care of the financial situations, and supporting members of the family. Excitement of the married life gets over and the phase is overpowered by expectations and assumptions. This becomes to be one of the most conflicting periods of a married life.

The reality stage is followed by parenting stage. When a child is born, new excitement and hope is spread in their lives. Children often transform the focus of their families and tie them together through their innocence and charm. This stage can sometimes turn out to be very challenging as the stress and tension within the family is multiplied. On the contrary, in some cases birth of a child helps to strengthen the bond between the family.

Then is the transformation stage or an age where the couples have often fulfilled all their desires and hopes that also includes child rearing. After living years of togetherness, there comes a time when they try to accommodate each other with a wish to rejuvenate their relationship. This also includes the old age where both try to understand the needs and requirements of each other so that they fulfill the needs and desires of each other. With mutual support they enjoy deep intimacy at this stage sharing their life experiences.

All these stages are important components in marriage. At the end when they cross all stages they just become dependent on each other in their old age and live their life supporting each other.