Modernization and technological advancement has led to a great divide between the urban India and the rural India. The urban India is evolving dynamically whereas the rural India is still struggling in its rigid society. One of the developments in the urban society is an upsurge in the number of remarriages of both boys and girls. India is overall a conservative society that is normally against remarriages, live-in relationships, divorce, and extreme age-difference marriages. However, the traditional notions of the society cannot prevent remarriages out of choice and not force.

imageAn increase in the divorce rates has invariably led to an increase in remarriages. People are no longer hesitant to marry openly their new-found love with great pomp and show. There is no regret or remorse of a failed first marriage. The attitude is to forget it as a bad dream and move ahead in life. Moreover, finding a new partner is no longer difficult. One can find a dedicated column on remarriages in newspapers, a separate link on matrimonial websites, and marriage bureaus handling such type of cases.

These days frequent partying and weekend vacations offer great opportunities for people to meet and foster new relationships. This helps people find life partners for themselves. They can spend ample time with each other before deciding to marry. On the other hand, an arranged remarriage does not give enough scope for interaction before saying ‘yes’ to the union. As a result, the partner who has already gone through the trauma of a failed marriage may not be sure of his new choice.

Traditionally, remarriages were meant mainly for boys. It was a common belief that a woman can remain single and spend her life with her kids whereas a man needs to remarry as he cannot take care of himself. This notion is undergoing a drastic change as educated population realizes that both boy and girl have the right to remarry and re-live their lives.

The grim aspect is that remarriages are seen as an easy way out to escape the problems arising from any marriage. Couples are jumping to divorce proceedings without making efforts to save their marriage. Therefore, even if they marry again, they may face the same problems with this kind of an attitude. However, in India, a person can remarry only after seeking divorce from his first partner. This in some way helps in curbing the misuse of remarriages.