An Indian marriage is full of fun and excitement. It is a phase of life where every boy and girl becomes a celebrity for few days. All eyes are on them. People critically observe their looks, clothes, deportment, and way of speaking, and so on. Their appearance takes the top priority and therefore trousseau plays a pivotal role in shaping the overall physical appearance.

Planning For a Marriage Trousseau

Though good clothing is still not important for a groom in India but it is indispensible for a bride. In the bride’s house, shopping for the wedding trousseau is a mammoth task that begins months before the wedding. Every girl cherishes to have the best of things in her trousseau within the given budget.


Some of the tips that can lessen your hassle of shopping and help you shop objectively are given below:

Firstly, take a notepad to jot down all details related to shopping. This will help you track your purchases, money spent, and revise your shopping goals. Identify and pen down the broad categories and their sub-categories under which you will list down the items you need. Some of the common categories are:

· Daily Accessories

· Cosmetics

· Nail paints

· Make-up kit

· Imitation ornaments

· Handbags

· Perfumes

· Talc

· Shoes

· Party wear

· Casual

· For home

· Clothing

· Indian clothing

· Western clothing

· Honeymoon Trousseau

Categorization gives you a snapshot of your needs and helps you to take buying decisions intelligently. You will not get confused and go haywire during the shopping spree.

Secondly, always make decisions keeping in mind the budget. Your aim should be to optimize your purchases within the allotted financial resources. If you have ample time before the wedding, you can wait and buy things during the discount season. You should also visit wholesale markets to get the best at the cheapest price.

Thirdly, prioritize your purchases as per your future requirement. Standard items like accessories and lingerie can be brought in good amount whereas restrict buying too many heavily embroidered wear because you will require them only for few months after the marriage.

Fourthly, ensure that you have all colors in the trousseau. Avoid having any one particular color dominating your collection.

In the groom’s trousseau, the most important item is his wedding dress and the reception suit. The main focus should be on the stitching to get a perfect fit.