Distance marriage refers to a situation where wife and husband are physically separated from each other for a substantial period of their life due to unavoidable circumstances. Earlier, distance marriages were only experienced by people in the defense sector. But now, it is becoming an increasing phenomenon for everyone as people are required to go far away from their homes for work.

Maintaining Distance Marriages

In such type of marriage, wife usually spends a substantial part of her life upbringing the children. She either stays alone or with any other member of the family. Husband normally comes home on a holiday, generally for few days, once or twice a year. His role only gets reduced to that of a bread earner. In many cases, the husband is deprived of the happiness of seeing his children growing. Despite a happy union, both the partners live a lonely life. They feel lonelier in tough times when they miss each other the most.


Maintaining a distance marriage is a challenging task. Patience, perseverance, and a positive attitude are the three virtues needed to survive this arrangement.


A regular and frequent communication is essential to sustain the spark of marriage. The couples should discuss each and every detail of their daily happenings through phone or e-mail. They should talk about new people they meet in their location and also seek advice on handling situations. This help the partners feel that they are still important in each other’s life. Fortunately, the advancement in technology has introduced software that allows partners to see each other while chatting on the Internet. Moreover, indulge in personal talks that will keep the affection alive in the relationship.


Distance leads to insecurity and sometimes doubt because partners do not see each other personally most of the time. Therefore, any sudden change in the daily communication routine or behavior can naturally put your partner in doubt. To avoid such circumstances, be prompt in taking calls and replying to e-mails. Inform your partner in advance about your schedule that might not make it possible to communicate. This assures the partners that they are still a part of each other’s life.


Surprise your partner by sending a gift, letter, or coming home without informing. It makes your partner happy and excited about you. If possible, you can also arrange a ticket for your partner and ask him or her to make a short visit.