Love marriage is no longer a new concept in Indian culture. It is still tabooed in small towns and cities but the phenomenon is witnessed largely in urban and semi-urban areas. Irrespective of caste, creed, culture, and status, more and more people are opting for such form of union. A marriage is called a love marriage when a boy or a girl love each other, decide to marry, and introduces their partner to their respective family members. Here, an individual’s likes takes precedence over the preference of the parents. Remember that marrying a person of your own choice is a challenging task in our society. One needs immense emotional strength and convincing power to seek family’s consent for the wedding. Love Marriages in India

Considering the rigidity of our social system, there are a number of issues that oppose love marriages. The most important issue is the possibility of a caste or religion difference between the families. Parents are reluctant to send their children in an alien cultural setting fearing that they might find difficult to adjust in a new culture. Moreover, other issues like financial and status differences might spoil the marital relationship later in life. Even today, any problems in horoscope compatibility make parents oppose the marriage. A love marriage can also become unsuccessful if the partners are merely infatuated and not in love with each other. In some cases, if they had spent little time together and hardly know each other well, then such marriages fall when reality sets in.

Love marriages also have a brighter side. If two people, who love each other a lot and decide to live together for the rest of their lives, can overcome all problems with great ease. Moreover, every individual has a right to know the person well before tying the nuptial knot. Such marriages provide an opportunity to know about the temperament, ambitions, and expectations of the person before the marriage. Love marriage easily does away with the dowry practice. Parents are not under any obligation to fulfill each other’s expectations. It also helps to instill bonding and understanding between the partners much before the wedding.

As parents are becoming sensitive to their children’s feelings, a new trend of love-cum- arranged marriages have become popular in the country. Children choose the partner and the parents accept their choice and arrange for the wedding ceremony. The ceremony is almost same like an arranged marriage but without any strict protocols.