Marriage is normally seen as a union between two young people across the world. In India also, the search for a bride or groom normally starts the moment a child attains majority. However, have you ever thought that even old people have the right to remarry? Most of you would have never given it a thought. Even if you had, then the very concept would have made you uncomfortable.

You can think from the other perspective. Old people, who have lost their partner, have already fulfilled their responsibilities of upbringing their children, settling them in their career, and finally marrying them. The children are busy handling the challenges of their own life. They hardly have any time to spend with their parents. Some of the children are not even staying with their parents. Though grandchildren in many cases turn out to be a big support system but that does not last long due to long hours in schools followed by activity classes, exams, and so on.

Importance Of An Old Age Marriage

Now imagine the loneliness of an old parent who has nobody with whom he can share his life, inner feelings, and problems. Therefore, many old people fostered the courage to voice their desire to marry. Some could manage to wither the storm of resentment from the society whereas others gave up and lived with embarrassment.

Despite a conservative attitude to old age marriages, they are on a rise in urban India. Old people normally do not go out of their way to search for a partner. They normally come across such individuals in social gatherings. The marriage is arranged on a low-scale with few family members and friends. Alternatively, court marriages are considered to be an ideal way of marrying in such cases.

Such marriages take place mainly to fulfill the need of companionship and security. However, the interests of children are always kept first while taking the decision to marry or not. If any harm or inconvenience to them is foreseeable, then old people sacrifice their own wish.

After the marriage, depending upon the comfort level of the children, the couple decides to stay with them or separately. Normally, legalities relating to inheritance of assets are worked out earlier to avoid the possibility of dispute between step brothers and sisters. Some people belonging to affluent families marry and move abroad to avoid stinging remarks of people or abandonment from the society in extreme cases.