Though there is a difference in the customs and rituals to solemnize marriages across the world yet the values and attitude that sustains a marital relationship are same everywhere. A marriage is deemed successful when a husband and wife are willingly staying together and have feelings of love and affection for each other. In situations where the couple is staying under the same roof out of compulsion or for the sake of children cannot be called a happy successful marriage.

Factors For A Successful Marriage

Nurturing a successful marriage is like nurturing a small child. You have to carefully build a strong foundation, grow mature while withering ups and downs in the relationship, and evolve a relationship based on trust and understanding.

Making your marriage a success sounds to be a daunting task. Remember, it’s not. One simply needs to take care of little things to enjoy marital bliss. Given here are some of the factors for a successful marriage.



A steady communication is necessary to sustain a connection between the partners. The hectic schedules hardly leave any time for couples to interact with each other. Therefore, pick up a phone or log on to a chat messenger and talk with your partner whenever possible. You can discuss your daily happenings revolving around friends, family, children, etc. Remember never discuss issues of contention on the phone. Patiently wait for your partner to come home, relax, and then discuss face-to-face.


Trust is the building block of any relationship. If trust breaks then nothing can sustain a marriage. So, the simple rule is ‘Stay Away From Infidelity.’ Moreover, introduce and keep your partners inform about your female or male friends. For example, always inform your partner when going for a lunch or tea with the friend.

An element of friendship

A couple should treat each other like friends with whom you share, have fun, fight yet love immensely. A friendly element removes formalities between wife and husband thereby enabling them to discuss openly about their feelings and wants. You can crack jokes, pull each other’s leg, and indulge in good humor.


We all get bogged down when expectations from our partners go unfulfilled. But ensure never to abuse, blame, or get angry with the partner. You need to respect the fact that every person is unique. He cannot always become what you want him to become. Therefore, discuss amicably what you expect instead of thrashing out all the time.