Marriage is an arrangement where conflicts are bound to happen. In terms of marriage, conflicts refer to disagreements over issues arising in day-to-day life. Conflicts can arise over children, relatives, finance, and personal expectations from each other. In all such cases, it is important to know that conflicts should not lead to heated arguments that hurt sentiments. It can be detrimental for a healthy marriage.



Some of the common causes for conflicts in a marriage are:

Taken for granted attitude

As marriage gets older, an increase in responsibilities generally changes the priorities of partners. Hence, they start taking each other for granted in every situation. They find it a waste of time and effort to deal with the partner’s complaints. Moreover, they are not careful regarding the choice of words in an argument. Such an attitude leads to strong conflicts between couples.

Lack of respect

In some cases, people no longer find their partner as worthy as earlier. Girls, for instance, give up their career to bring up their children. This sometimes make them less knowledgeable compared to working women thereby making them less competent in their husbands’ eyes.

Lack of satisfaction

It is a simple Economics rule that ‘Needs are unlimited but the means to satisfy them are limited.’ The same principle applies to a marriage. Couples who are never satisfied with what they have and spend time demanding or complaining about it will ruin their happiness. However, couples should try to strive for with lot of patience.


When partners use vague statements to convey their expectations, it leads to misunderstanding that again leads to more misunderstandings. Misunderstanding is a result of communication gap between the partners. It leads to counter-attack and defensive statements from both the partners thereby worsening the situation.

Shying away from responsibilities

Duties and responsibilities is a part of the marriage parcel. In today’s fast-moving life, it is impossible for one partner to take over all the responsibilities. A clear demarcation between the jobs is also difficult. There may be situations where a woman has to go to work and a man has to take a leave to baby-sit. When such co-operation is missing, conflicts arise.

Being critical

No human being is perfect. People in marriage generally forget this universal law. They tend to be critical about every action or behavior of their partner to prove themselves right. This may lower the self-esteem of the affected partner.