People normally believe that marriage is a gamble. Its success or failure is mere destiny. However, as per counselors and psychologists, marriage is an institution that needs to be dealt objectively to make it strong. Giving up a marriage should be the last step only after all the efforts to save the marriage fails. But trend shows that couples who work towards building a marriage from the beginning lead a happy married life.

Building a Healthy Marriage

Some of the tips given here can help you strengthen your nuptial tie. To make these tips effective, always remember that making or breaking a marriage is in your hands.

Respect the family

Every child invariably develops a strong bonding with people who nurtured him and befriended him during his growing days. Therefore, it is advisable to you to always respect people who are important in your partner’s life. Complaining about them all the time may hurt your beloved or make him defensive about them.

Constructive criticism

Criticize people in a way that it seems you are only concerned about some untoward behavior. Your intention is to deal with such people and not brusquely abuse them. This helps in dealing with sensitive issues without creating any misunderstandings.

Give space

Marriage should not be mistaken for slavery. Every individual needs some space or alone time in life even from his partner. By giving space, your partner won’t love you less or make you less important in his life. Instead, it helps to retain the charm of a marriage.

Mutual decision

Maintaining a balance is very important to build a marriage. You should not try to dominate or overshadow your partner. All important matters should reach a mutual decision no matter how hard you both have to try to reach a consensus. In trivial matters, you can decide independently but keep your partner informed about it.

Dissolve ego

Ego is considered to be the most common cause of broken marriages. When both the partners decide not to bent, no solution can be reached. Hence, don’t let the evil of ego overpower you. If your partner is angry, you can apologize and prevent things from getting worse.

Spent time together

With both the partners working, they hardly spend time together. In worse cases, they hardly see each other during weekdays. Therefore, make it a point to grab some time to chat with your partner everyday. This way you remain connected with your beloved.