Marriage is a social arrangement under which a man and a woman agree to enter into a relationship as husband and wife and vow to live together for the rest of their lives. Marriage is a willful decision that binds the couple together emotionally, financially, and legally. Marriage gives rise to legal rights and duties of the partners, respectively. As per the traditional views, marriage is solemnized to give birth to legitimate children. It is a serious arrangement that has implications if it fails. Marriage

In India, marriage is a union between two families. It is not considered to be a stand-alone relationship of a boy and a girl. Marriages are mainly solemnized through strict rituals and customs that vary from place-to-place. Except in certain parts of Eastern India, people are still reluctant to opt for registered marriages.

Indian marriages follow a formal protocol for entertaining guests. Exchange of gifts and sweets is an integral part of any marriage celebration. Therefore, it turns out to be an expensive affair for everyone. There are very few people who believe in keeping it a low-profile affair with least pomp and show. They prefer marrying in a small gathering, places of worship, arya samaj mandir, etc.

A successful marriage is based on trust and respect for each other’s views and ambitions. Before marriage, many partners openly discuss what they expect from the marriage and their partner. After mutually agreeing to certain terms and conditions, they announce the intention of marrying to their family. After the marriage, both the partners move together and start their new lives. They can move in with their parents or live separately.

Initially after the marriage, the feelings of love and togetherness are predominant in a couple’s mind. As the days pass by and regular routine sets in, managing responsibilities of a new life takes priority. As marriage gets older, the initial bubbly love gets transformed into matured love. Couples hardly get time to spend with each other yet their affection remains intact for each other. Family welfare precedes individual needs. They enjoy discussing about children, finances, daily happenings, and other social commitments. They feel a sense of satisfaction and completeness from life.

Sometimes, marriage becomes a nightmare when couples fail to adjust with each other. Frequent fights and separation has a psychological impact on children and even on the couple. Therefore, always strive to lead a happy married life.